Project Planning

Allan Wexler
April 15, 2011

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Allan and Ellen Wexler came for a tour of The Center and the bungalows on April 15th, 2011. Allan is both a sculptor and architect. You can see his work here:

Allan is interested in creating a vision for the over-all plan of the site 

Photo: Allan Wexler

This was our first time at the site since the snow melted, which gave us a chance to explore further than we had in the past.

The pool area had an outdoor fridge, a tv...people lived out here in the summer.

Many inventive things found throughout

Photo: Allan Wexler
This was an outdoor shower.  There was a curtain that could be pulled between two buildings for modesty.
Photo: Allan Wexler

Photo: Allan Wexler

Playground equipment in the back yard

Odd crafty moments.  These are two skis frame a group of small art projects. To the right is a small tree made of twisted wire.

A variety of nails set carefully in depth

...hard to photograph, but very intriguing and charming

Photo: Allan Wexler
An odd collection of things were found in this porch side entrance

The ears are spoons, the neck piece is a dishcloth, the head is for holding a wig (or hat?)

Someone liked golf.

Grass carpet.

A shelf of trophies and hand-made odds n ends. Protection from a security cam.

Someone was building a phonograph out of a bunch of old machine parts.

A 4" LP - The Doors.

Inside the bungalows:
Photo: Allan Wexler

Photo:Allan Wexler

Photo: Allan Wexler

Visit to the Wexler's Studio
May 12, 2011

Allan and Ellen Wexler's home and studio in NYC.  Allan uses the top floor of their building to work when they're in the city.  Part studio, part archive, part museum of Wexler miniatures, every surface carries a collection of models and prototypes that span the length of Allan's career.  Below is a detail of the models on the shelves you can see in the above picture.

Proposals, experiments, ideas,'s rare to see so many playful and smart ideas about form.

This is a model for the project Allan and Ellen did at the Atlantic Avenue Subway Terminal.
(click on link to go to an article and image of the final completed project)

This is a computer mouse Allan invented. He uses it to draw brick walls: 

Cupcakes and wine at the Wexler's.

Shay Church

Richard H., Neil Courtney, Julie and Shay talking around the table at the old farmhouse kitchen
Shay often makes sculpture and installations in wet clay.  Here's his website:
He's interested the possibility of a project that uses only local materials, involves a number of residents in the making, and builds community in Hurleyville.

We visited the huge wood-fired bread oven at The Center's bakery

Shay went to look for some local clay to see if it might be a material that could be used in his project.
 We found this area where water ran from a field down to a drainage pit. 

The red shale there had been broken down into soil fine enough to refine into clay.  He took samples home with him to test in his studio.

The Salt Shed
Another exciting potential site